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Spring clamp terminal blocks

The product family comprises terminal blocks that are based on a spring clamp connection.By spring clamp connection, we mean an electrical connection which is established by clamping an individual stripped conductor by means of a spring. It is suitable for solid wires and multi-stranded wires with a nominal cross section of 0.08 - 2.5 mm2 and permits

  • solderable

    Our range of solderable terminals comprises terminals for the "reflow" and the "wave soldering" methods. The terminals are plugged into the PCB and then soldered.

  • pluggable

    The pluggable terminals are fastened to the PCB via matching multi-pin connectors. Since the terminals are not firmly fixed on the PCB but plugged onto multi-pin connectors, they are called pluggable terminals.

  • compression-mount contacts

  • Single poles

    Faster than hand soldering. Safer than wave soldering. Mount thru-hole components on board with SMT spring terminals. Perfect for LEDs, relays, capacitors and inductors. Two wire ranges and different size reels.