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E-DAT modul REG unequipped IP20 light gray

  • unequipped termination unit for individual module in Modul design for mounting on TH35 rail to DIN EN 60715
  • width of 1HP allows mounting up to 12 REG in standard electrical distribution panels
  • when mounted as a device of protection class I, the equipotential bonding is realized directly over the top hat rail by means of an integrated equipotential spring. This has to be connected to the equipotential bonding of the building by means of a bonding terminal
  • a cover protects the module against direct contact. If mounted in distributor panels with protective insulation, protection class II is guaranteed. In this case, it is necessary to remove the equipotential bonding spring.
  • integrated dust protection cover (also colored)
  • the following modules can be mounted: E-DAT modul, E-DAT modul coupler 180°, UAE modul, OpDAT modul LC-D and ST as well as Koax modules
  • please note: not suitable for C6Amodul

Technical Data 

  • P/N1309426103-E
    Farbelight gray
    Feature 11 port unequipped
    Feature 2BTR cut-out


pdf Data sheet 1309426103-E 268.86 KB
pdf Instruction 1309426103-E 736.39 KB
lock 3D data - STEP / IGES
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