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RJ45 connectors and jacks in the standard performance classes are available for copper cabling in industrial and office environments.

  • plug

    RJ45 connectors are available in performance classes Cat.6A, Cat.6, Cat.5e and Cat.5. Depending on the performance class, the connectors are shielded. We offer RJ45 connectors in different versions, e.g. connectors to be assembled in the field or as inserts for different housings with IP67-protection for harsh environments. The cables can be connected to the connectors easily and quickly.

  • Jacks

    RJ45 jacks are available in performance classes Cat.6A, Cat.6 and Cat.5e and some of them are shielded, depending on the performance class. The jacks in the internationally standardized module and Keystone mating faces fit into a variety of applications and provide a high degree of flexibility for installation due to the different cable outlets (90°, 180° and 270°). Cables can be connected to the RJ45 jacks easily and quickly.