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patch cord

High-quality network infrastructures, such as infrastructures installed with METZ CONNECT components of the various product lines, also require high-quality patch cables in the distribution level and connection cables to the terminal. This applies to twisted-pair (copper) as well as to fiber optic cables for which patch cables in different lengths and colors are available.

  • RJ45

    Patch cables for copper cabling are available in different lengths from 0.5 m up to 20 m and in different colors (gray, yellow, green, blue, red, white and black). Copper patch cables are available in shielded (Cat.6A) and unshielded (Cat.6) design. For applications in industry, we offer also IP67-protected patch cables.

  • Fiber optic patch cord

    For fiber optic cabling, we offer patch cables in different lengths from 0.5 m to 20 m in fiber types OS2 (single mode) and OM2 to 4 (multimode) and with all variants of connector types LC, SC, ST und E2000.

  • Fiber optic pigtails

    Our patch cables also include fiber optic pigtails of 2.0 m length in fiber types OS2 (single mode) and OM1 to 3 (multimode), provided with various connector types (ST, SC and LC).

  • fiber optic connection cable