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C6A RJ45 field plug pro

Whether in structured building cabling, in computer centers of up to 10 GBit or in industry: Wherever high-performance and reliable connections are desired without great expenditure, the new field-assembled C6A RJ45 field plug pro from METZ CONNECT is exactly the right choice. In tune with the usual quality of METZ CONNECT products, the C6A RJ45 field plug pro impresses with its robust zinc die-cast housing for industrial use and a protected latch. Its compact design makes the connector multiport-capable while being fully shielded. The new C6A RJ45 field plug pro is, of course, also suitable for Power over Ethernet (PoE, PoE plus and UPoE) and can be connected without the need for special tools.


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Performance overview

  • Field-assembled RJ45 connector Cat.6A/Class EA
  • Cable outlet straight (180°) or variable, freely selectable (360°)
  • Fully shielded and multiport-capable
  • Easy assembly – can be connected without special tools
  • Wire connection stranded wire AWG 27/7 to 22/7, wire diameter 0.46 to 0.76 mm
  • Wire connection tight-buffered cable AWG 26/1 to 22/1, wire diameter 0.4 to 0.64 mm
  • Wire diameter up to 1.6 mm
  • Transmission properties Cat.6A to ISO/IEC 11801 Ed.2.2:2011-06
  • Compliance with Class EA to ISO/IEC 11801 Ed.2.2:2011-06, DIN EN 50173-1:2011-09
  • Suitable for 10 GBit to IEEE 802.3an and for Power over Ethernet (PoE, PoE plus and UPoE)
  • Type of protection IP20
  • Suitable for cable sheath diameters of 5.5 to 10.5 mm
  • Zinc die-cast housing for industrial use, 2-part for 180° version or 4-part for 360° version
  • Strain relief snapped on directly to stuffer cap and protected catch
  • Reconnectable, when using the same or a larger cross-section
  • Multiple cable outlet 4 x 8 positions possible (only with C6A RJ45 field plug pro 360°)



Multiple cable outlets:

The C6A field plug pro can be connected time-saving to all common cable types without great preparation – its new design allows its use in restricted spaces. The 360° version with multiple cable outlet makes for flexible use of the connector. The two rear position adapters 4 PA (4 x 90°) and 8 PA (8 x 45°) thus allow a total of 32 cable positions. This also allows jacks that are difficult to access to be reached reliably without problems and without high bending radii. Despite its many different positions, the transmission properties according to Cat.6A/Class EA are complied with.


4-position adapter (4 PA) 8-position adapter (8 PA)








- 3D-Animation C6A RJ45 field plug pro
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Mounting video C6A RJ45 field plug pro 180°

 - Mounting video C6A RJ45 field plug pro 360°

 - Product details C6A RJ45 field plug pro 180

- Product details C6A RJ45 field plug pro 360