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25G high speed in copper

Intelligent system solution for high-performance, future-oriented structured cabling
The need for high data transfer rates is growing enormously. On 12 September 2017, the data traffic rate in Frankfurt reached a new record high of 5.88 Terabits per second. Mid-December 2017, just under 6.15 terabits per second was achieved. Five years ago, it was not even 2 terabits per second.

Long-term, intelligent, structured cabling for diverse uses now play a fundamental role alongside elementary home and building automation systems by helping owners to minimize installation and maintenance costs and as such assure their investments for years to come.

Maximum compatibility for the efficient use
METZ CONNECT’s 25G system is consistent and compatible – an essential condition for the transparent, efficient and individual use of future-oriented network and cabling systems. You can now create tomorrow’s network infrastructure today as the minimal additional cost will give you 150% more performance.

System components
The 25 GBit high-speed data transmission demands all components’ performance. This METZ CONNECT product range includes the appropriate installation and patch cables to offer you a complete and consistent solution, from server to terminal device.

25G System - Titel


  • RJ45 according to 60603-7-1
  • 25GBASE-T according to DTR-11801-9905 in the channel link with 30 m
  • We work on a standard for 25GBASE-T in a channel link up to 50 m
  • Completely downward compatible with class EA according to ISO/IEC 11801-1 and DIN EN 50173-1 (permanent link up to 90 m and channel link up to 100 m)

GC1300 pro22 and GC1500 pro22

  • 25/10 GBit installation cable
  • CPR Compliance: Class Dca according to EN 50399
  • Pair shielded Cat.7A AWG 22 S/FTP
  • Overall shield: tinned Cu-braid, decoupling ≥ 85 dB

Patch cable 25G AWG 26

  • Pair shielded 25G patch cable AWG 26/7, halogen free
  • For 25 GBit/s (IEEE 802.3bq); 10 GBit/s (IEEE 802.3an)
  • Two shielded RJ45 plugs, 1 - 1
  • 2 m (no more standard lengths available for 25 GBit/s)

High performance
The 25G system shows high performance fulfilling DTR-11801-9905 for 25GBASE-T according to IEEE 802.3bq for the channel link up to 30 m. For highly performant applications up to a range of 1250 MHz and 25Gb Ethernet and ISO/IEC 11801-1 class EA in permanent and channel link up to lengths of 100 m for maximum demanding applications of 500 MHz and 10 GBit Ethernet as per IEEE 802.3an. The high-quality product grade is additionally consolidated by a robust die-cast zinc housing.

Independent certification
The connection system fulfills the international requirements for future-oriented copper-based data networks.

This means:

  • RJ45 according to 60603-7-1
  • Certified by GHMT according to DTR-11801-9905 for 25GBASE-T (channel link with 30 m)
  • Certified by GHMT complying with class EA in permanent link up to 90 m according to ISO/IEC 11801-1 and DIN EN 50173-1

And, the requirements of class EA in the channel link are compliant with the above-mentioned standard.