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The 25-millionth E-DAT modul installed at Ratiodata in Münster

In December 2014, the extension building of Ratiodata IT Solutions & Services in Münster was officially inaugurated – this also meant that the 25-millionth E-DAT module went live!

The E-DAT modul was launched in 2003 and was the first fully shielded die-cast zinc plug-in system in module design in the filed of structured cabling and has shaped the market permenently. The 25-millionth E-DAT modul was installed in July 2014 at the IT service provider in Münster. Ratiodata is one of the largest system houses in Germany and, for example, uses the E-DAT modul system with approximately 2,000 connection points for the simulation of IT and communication components in test networks prior to the use of customer terminals for banks and financial institutions.

At an assumed link length of 50 m, 25 million E-DAT modul equal a link distance spanning the globe 15 times! The exceptional product success of the E-DAT modul was only possible in conjunction with partnerships built up and lived over decades with electricians, distributors, planners and investors. The project realization at Ratiodata was the result of a cooperation between the project partners Hans Stahl GmbH & Co. KG for overall planning, the TALK GmbH for data network planning and installation as well as Lubin & Hiller Electrical Wholesalers GmbH for distribution.

The E-DAT modul offers the necessary reserves for data transmission at 10 gigabit Ethernet and is also suitable for Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications. The E-DAT modul offers flexibility in use due to its numerous application options, for example, in junction boxes, cable ducts, floor tanks, patch fields or in mointing rail connection units.

Jürgen Pachura (Lubin & Hiller), Hans-Peter Bieler (METZ CONNECT), Markus Michael (TALK), Albert Metz (METZ CONNECT), Stefan Hindrichs (METZ CONNECT), Holger Möllers (Ratiodata), Klaus Schulze (METZ CONNECT), Frank Bitterschulte (Lubin & Hiller), Michael Pluta (TALK) und Klaus-Jürgen Otto (Hans-Stahl)