Screw type terminal blocks

METZ CONNECT offers a variety of screw type terminal blocks for your wire to board connectivity needs. Our core offering of direct solder terminal block versions can accommodate wires ranging in size from twenty-eight up to and including twelve gauge. Many of the pluggable terminal block versions have matching THR headers available in tape and reel packaging, making them well suited for automated assembly.

The connection technology of the screw terminals, which has been tried and tested a million times, is based on a metallic clamping body that is built into an insulating body. The stripped wire is clamped and contacted directly or indirectly by a screw. An integrated wire protection or a lift system protect the wire when it is connected.

The screw terminals are suitable for solid wires and stranded wires with end sleeves. Depending on the design, for connection cross sections of 0.08 - 4 mm². Screw terminals enable the connection of two conductors in a terminal chamber and are characterized by good contact quality with little heating.

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