Label sheet for wall outlets

  • DIN A4 label sheets for copier, laser printer and printer with single sheet feeder
  • 899650-01: for standard labeling of wall outlets C6Amodul, E-DAT modul, E-DAT C6A, E-DAT C6 and E-DAT design and Subway underfloor units
  • 899011-01: for standard labeling of patch panels C6Amodul and E-DAT modul; and of TH35 rail mounted termination units E-DAT modul REG and Modul REGplus
  • 899789-01: for standard labeling of patch panels E-DAT C6A, E-DAT C6, E-DAT design, of patch panels OpDAT PF and OpDAT PA of TH35 rail mounted splice housings OpDAT REGplus, OpDAT REGpro and OpDAT REGpro24
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