Patch panels | DCCS compact solutions with high packing density

The new, improved product series DCCS (Data Center Compact Solution) was specially developed for data centers and their needs and was very much adapted to customer requirements in this area. The new DCCS product range offers pre-assembled copper and fiber optic lines. The copper lines with 6 port RJ45 modules in the performance class Cat.6A. The fiber optic lines with 6 port LC-D modules, 6 port E2000DC modules, pre-assembled fiber optic VIK (pre-terminated installation cable) lines with one side 6 port LC-D modules, 6 port E2000DC modules and 6 port LC-D modules with MTP®/MPO technology in the different fiber types for singlemode and multimode (OS2, OM3, OM4 and OM5). Each with little installation effort as a plug & play solution in customer-specific lengths. Up to 48 RJ45 ports or 48 LC-D or 48 E2000DC ports as well as combinations of RJ45 and FO can be accommodated on just one height unit.

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