KAPRi plus plastic case completely equipped

  • KAPRi plus plastic case completely equipped
  • includes all KAPRi plus components to test installed RJ45 and M12 solutions in all areas of structured building cabling
  • protects the components against dust and dirt
  • clear arrangement
  • KAPRi plus cable and installation tester:
  • detection and indication of the most frequent installation errors like split pair, loose contact, defect wire, short circuit, reversed wires or cables, external voltage
  • solid plastic case made of polypropylene with outstanding functionality
  • hard foam insert in the bottom part has cutouts for all KAPRi plus components
  • dividing plate (anthracite) on the upper part
  • eggshell foam insert in the upper part
  • case color: black
  • outer dimensions: 357 x 305 x 110 mm
  • Included in delivery:
  • 1x KAPRi plus basic unit
  • 1x KAPRi plus test box 1
  • 1x KAPRi plus test box kit 1 including test boxes no. 2, 3, 4, 5
  • 1x KAPRi plus test box kit 2 including test boxes no. 6, 7, 8, 9
  • 2x adapters M12X/RJ45 straight
  • 2x adapters M12D/RJ45 straight
  • 2x connection cables M12/RJ45 8-pole X-coded 2.0 m
  • 2x connection cables M12/RJ45 4-pole D-coded 2.0 m
  • 1x patch cord RJ45 1.0 m
  • 1x KAPRi plus plastic case with cutouts
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