KAPRi plus cable and installation tester

  • detection and indication of the most frequent installation faults: short-circuit, wire interruption, wire reversal, line reversal, split pair
  • indication of external voltage with polarity for each wire
  • line identification by identifying up to nine test box numbers
  • detection and indication of incorrectly adjusted pin assignment
  • fault display for each individual wire by means of nine red LED
  • green LED if there is not any fault
  • clear indication of the type of error on a 7-segment display
  • low voltage display for battery
  • automatic test
  • easy handling and interpretation of test results
  • one key for switching on and off and starting test
  • quick test, approx. 3 seconds
  • fault list query for multiple faults by pressing separate key
  • nine switches to adjust the pin assignment
  • 9-wire connection line to test up to 8-wire data connection lines with shield
  • connection by means of RJ45 jacks; this also allows testing patch cables
  • automatic switch-off after 30 seconds
  • protected against external voltage
  • test function to detect loose contacts
  • reverse battery protection
  • low current consumption for long battery life
  • included in the delivery: main terminal, test box 1, patch cable, 9 V battery and storage bag
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