E-DAT Industry universal test jack IP65, unequipped

  • for programming and setting parameters of an installation, a computer is accessed via standardized interfaces, such as RJ45 and USB. For industrial PCs (IPC), however, these interfaces are located in the interior of the switch cabinet.
  • practical service interface for safe and flexible access to the interior of the switch cabinet
  • faster, easier and more targeted start-up, service work, monitoring and system expansions
  • suitable for switch cabinet walls, distributor panels and switchboards
  • mounting with central screw joint in standard round hole of just 22 mm
  • ingress protection IP65
  • captive sealing plug
  • very easy handling
  • unequipped - without inserts
  • matching inserts: E-DAT Industry RJ45 field jack insert (T568A, T568B or Profinet), E-DAT Industry RJ45 coupler insert or E-DAT Industry USB coupler insert
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