The analog encoder is used as encoder for manual control variable definition, e.g. mixing valves, valve positions, temperature values, etc. The module can be operated in three modes, which can be commuted by means of integrated three-level switches (ON, OFF, AUTO). The switch position is signalized by external control contact terminals B1 and B2. The control variable can be set on the potentiometer at the front. The output signal 0 to 10 V is available on the Y terminal. If the switch is in AUTO position, the control variable is looped through over the YR terminal to the Y output without change.

  • Connection by spring clamp terminal blocks (push-in)
  • Setpoint device
  • Manual control level with checkback
  • LED brightness proportional to control variable
Technical Data
General Data
24 V AC/DC
30 mA
19 mA
0 V to 10 V DC
0 V to 10 V DC
11.2 x 87.5 x 60 mm
43 g
-5 °C to +55 °C
-20 °C to +70 °C
IP40 / IP20
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