MR-LD6 Modbus RTU


The Modbus module with 6 analog inputs and 2 relay outputs was developed for decentralized switching tasks. Suitable to monitor electrodes of leakage sensors or the fill level of fluid containers and to switch pumps or magnetic valves. In this case it is necessary to protect the relay contacts by appropriate load-dependent measures. The resistance of the conductive fluid is measured when the electrodes are immersed. It is also possible to signal a cable break (requires sensor LKS-ZD). The module can be operated independently or via a Modbus master. Inputs and outputs can be switched and scanned via standard registers. Module address, bit rate and parity are set with two rotary switches on the front or by software. Suitable for decentralized mounting on DIN TH35 rail according to IEC 60715 in electrical distribution cabinets.

  • Connection with screw type terminal blocks
Technical Data
General Data
Modbus RTU
00 to F9
RS485 (two-wire bus)
1200 to 115200 bit/s
24 V AC/DC +/- 10 % (SELV)
80 mA (AC) / 43 mA (DC)
100 %
connection of the electrodes
common reference potential
20 kOhm
3 Veff, 70 Hz at resistance measurement
+/-10 % with sensor resistance 4 to 40 kOhm; +/-20 % with sensor resistance 2 to 100 kOhm
+/-16 V at wire break monitoring
6.2 to 10 V can be used as line termination
40 nF max. equates 400 m at 100 nF/km
1.5 s
2 NO contacts (SPST-NO)
250 V AC
6 A / output
Green, red and yellow LED
50 x 69.3 x 60 mm
126 g
-5 °C to 55 °C
-20 °C to 70 °C
IP40 / IP20
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