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Network connection of Modbus RTU fieldbus components made easy
Jun 3, 2020

In industrial and building automation projects, the connection of different fieldbus devices in a network infrastructure is already known. The challenge is to connect different manufacturers with different protocol standards in a comprehensive IP network. Sensors and actuators on the fieldbus level, which communicate via Modbus RTU, must be integrated into a Modbus TCP network.

Connection technology for devices, control cabinets and systems
May 15, 2020

From the field level with sensors and actuators to the data center

In the market segments of industrial electronics, data and communication technology as well as in building technology, METZ CONNECT offers integrated systems for a safe and smooth data flow – from the printed circuit board via connectors, cables and patch panels to the infrastructural environment.

Ethernet IDC type terminal blocks for IoT
May 14, 2020

Internet of Things (IoT) is the central term for constant change. Behind this is the digitalization of products, production technologies and processes, also known as Industry 4.0. This enables communication between people, machines and products.

Spring clamp terminal blocks for modular devices
May 13, 2020

Due to the modernization and further development of modular devices, as well as the need for high contact reliability and shortest connection times, the understanding of device manufacturers is changing from the proven screw connection technology to the spring force technology (push-in technology).

RJ45 sockets in terminal design for modular devices
May 12, 2020

With its start in the 80s in telephone technology, the RJ45 gradually conquered data connection technology. It is an integral part of today's building technology and cabling as well as data centers.

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