The new Field Plug Pro for 25Gbit and 40Gbit Ethernet  

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The Field Plug Pro is currently offered in a straight 180 ° and angled 360 ° Cat.6A variant for 10Gbit and as a Profinet variant for 10/100 Mbit.
Both are now extended to 25G and 40G!

Field Plug Pro

C5 RJ45 field plug pro 2P PROFINET

C6A RJ45 field plug pro
25G RJ45 field plug pro
40G RJ45 field plug pro
130E405032PE (180°)
130E405042PE (360°)
130E405032-E (180°)
130E405042-E (360°)
130G405032-E (180°)
130G405042-E (360°)
130H405032-E (180°)
130H405042-E (360°)

The METZ CONNECT field assembled RJ45 field plug pro is the right choice for structured cabling with industry or data centers with high data transmission rates up to 40 GBit/s where high-performance and reliable connections are needed. The RJ45 field plug pro is available in a 180° straight and 360° angled, 4-pair and 2-pair version. It can easily be connected to all common cable types without much preparation and its new design allows it to be used in restricted spaces. It impresses with its robust zinc die-cast housing and protected latch for industrial use. Its compact design makes the connector multi-port capable while being fully shielded.

The RJ45 field plug pro is designed for field assembly with-out the need for special tools. It is suitable for Power over Ethernet (PoE, PoE plus, UPoE and 4PPoE), HDBaseT or other multimedia applications as well as for industry standards such as PROFINET and EtherNet/IP.

The 360° version with multiple cable outlet makes for flexible use of the connector. The two rear position adapters 4 PA (4 x 90°) and 8 PA (8 x 45°) thus allow a total of 32 cable positions. This also allows jacks that are difficult to access to be reached reliably without problems and without high ben-ding radii. Despite the many different positions, it meets the transmission properties.

Field Plug Applikationen


The Field Plug Pro allows for a direct connection to an installation cable and as a result, is ideal for direct attach applications. It’s rugged, zinc die-cast housing makes it suitable for harsh environments and due to its size, the Field Plug Pro is a great choice for multiport applications and can be used in extremely confined spaces without negative influence on the cable or data transmission.

Field Plug Pro

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