Spring clamp terminal blocks for modular devices

Due to the modernization and further development of modular devices, as well as the need for high contact reliability and shortest connection times, the understanding of device manufacturers is changing from the proven screw connection technology to the spring force technology (push-in technology).

The push-in technology offers a large number of advantages over the previously proven screw connection technology. On the one hand, the user-friendliness is very much appreciated by installers due to the quick and tool-free wire connection, on the other hand, permanent contact reliability of the connection wire is guaranteed, even in the event of vibration.

The new push-in spring terminal series SR255 & ST255 from METZ CONNECT can be optimally integrated into modular devices. For different installation positions of the printed circuit boards in the devices, the new spring clamp series offer a variety of possible uses for the best design-in.


  • shortest connection time thanks to push-in technology

  • high user-friendliness, from design-in to connection

  • terminal geometry ideally suited for use in DIN rail housings

  • permanently connection-safe and maintenance-free

  • printing options given

  • test tap

Spring clamp terminal blocks for modular devices

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