OpDAT MTP® Cable assemblies

METZ CONNECT has already been offering patch cords with MPO/MTP® connectors for several years.

MPO/MTP® connectors are mainly used in data centers at transmission rates of e.g. 40 or 400 GBit/s. They are used to connect distribution technology, e.g. 19" panels, and active components such as servers or switches.

OpDAT MTP® Cable assemblies

MTP® is a registered trademark of US Conec Ltd., USA

Even at a lower transmission rate of 10 GBit/s, the use of MPO/MTP® cables in combination with duplex cables can offer the advantage of significant cost and space savings.

The fiber optic connector type MPO is a multi-fiber connector according to IEC 61754-7, in which 8, 12 or more fibers are arranged in parallel in a rectangular ferrule ("parallel optics").

METZ CONNECT exclusively uses connectors and couplings from USCONEC, whose modified MPO® variants are known under the trade name MTP®. From the MTP® product family, only connectors with Elite® ferrules are used. These have excellent values with regard to insertion and return loss.

METZ CONNECT has now considerably expanded its portfolio with MPO/MTP® connectors: In addition to patch cables, core fanouts, trunk cables and cable fanouts with up to 96 fibers are now also manufactured. Various cable types such as universal or breakout cables are available as well as different assembly variants, e.g. with pull-in aids or mounting sets.

Product variations

Glass fiber manufactory by METZ CONNECT

All MPO/MTP® products are manufactured in Blumberg in our glass fiber manufactory, which guarantees a high and very stable quality level, allows customer-specific solutions and also short-term deliveries.

Glass fiber manufactory by METZ CONNECT
OpDAT MTP® Cable assemblies
OpDAT MTP® Cable assemblies
OpDAT MTP® Cable assemblies

Cable configurators from METZ CONNECT

OpDAT cable assemblies with MPO/MTP® can be put together for your individual needs in our new configurators.

In it you will find all available variants incl. specification text and price.

MPO/MTP® – Patch Cords and Wire Fanout

MPO/MTP® VIK – pre-assembled Installation Cables

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