M12 circular connectors in the Internet of Things

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Systematic increase and expand of the M12 circular connectors at METZ CONNECT

METZ CONNECT has expanded the modular system of printed circuit board connectors in the M12 range. Now there are also the D-coded variants according to DIN EN 61076-2-101available.

M12 circular connectors in the Internet of Things

Depending on the installation situation and application, the products are available in various forms:

  • Front and rear wall mounting completely assembled (MMT361A115 and MMT371A115)
  • Set (MMT361A115-0001 and MMT371A115-0001).
  • For use in industrial environments: variants which are IP 67 in unmated conditions(MMT361A115-0009 and MMT371A115-0009).
  • For high-volume device production and PCB assembly according to the latest manufacturing standarts : PCB inserts MMT060A115 bulk
  • PCB inserts MMT060A115 also as a variant on tape on reel with a Kapton plate as assembly aid (MMT060A1150-G2)
  • Standard 15 inch rolls with 160 pieces per reel are used

A big advantage of this product family is that all PCB sockets and inserts (D- and X-coded) have the same height and can be used mixed on a PCB (Printed Circuit Board). In addition, the circuit board sockets have a locking mechanism. This mechanism holds them securely and reliably in the housing or flange. Thus, an additional fixing of the circuit board in the surrounding housing is no longer necessary.

With this printed circuit board socket, the range of Control cabinet feed-throughs expands automatically.

In the metallically fully shielded housing, it is now possible to run 2-pair systems from an IP20 environment into an IP67 environment.

When referring to the connector this means: RJ45 to M12 D-coded. These products are available in straight and angled versions (MWN891A115 and MWN911A115).

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