Temperature monitoring of a heating system

The heating system is also one of the most important technical systems in every building and is regulated and controlled by a building automation system. Various I/O fieldbus modules are required for individual temperature control and optimal heat distribution in rooms. To record temperatures, analog inputs are required for connecting temperature sensors available on the market.

Temperature monitoring of a heating system


The room temperature is to be measured and recorded via a temperature sensor. Different types of sensors with different characteristics should be recorded.


Thanks to the universally programmable analog input module MR-AI8 Modbus RTU with 8 analog inputs, which can be configured individually, the values from a wide variety of temperature sensors can be recorded.

Customer benefit:
  • 14 standard sensor characteristics preset at the factory

  • a self-defined characteristic can be configured

  • Convenient configuration via >> Modbus software

  • optimally suited for retrofit applications (e.g. PT100 sensors)

MR-AI8 Modbus RTU
MR-AI8 Modbus RTU
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