Phase monitoring for safety and emergency lighting

Lighting also includes safety and emergency lighting systems, they can be found in almost all public or commercial buildings and are prescribed by a standard. In the event of a fire or a power failure, they should enable you to leave the building safely and serve as a guide for people and the fire brigade.

Phase monitoring for safety and emergency lighting


If the general lighting fails due to a power failure or undervoltage, the safety and emergency lighting must be switched on.


The phase monitoring relay DUW-C12 monitors the general power supply for undervoltage. If the voltage drops below the fixed threshold value of 85 % of the nominal voltage in one of the three phases, a relay contact switches on the safety and emergency lighting.

Your benefits:

  • for emergency lighting systems according to DIN VDE 0108-100

  • integrated test button

  • Use in three- and one-phase networks

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