Monitoring water leakage in the event of a pipe break

Water leaks in piping systems e.g. in server rooms or data centers can lead to considerable damage to buildings and the entire facility. The damage is only recognized when it is usually too late. A so-called leakage and level monitor is used preventively in order to avoid costly damage and to reduce high repair costs.

Monitoring water leakage in the event of a pipe break


The pipe system in a raised floor should be monitored for water leaks. In the event of water leakage, an alarm should be sent to the BMS and the solenoid valve locked.


The leakage and level monitor MR-LD6 detects the leakage point via the resistance measurement of the conductive liquid and reports the water leakage to the BMS via the integrated Modbus RTU interface. The first relay output switches off the solenoid valve and thus prevents further water supply. A second relay output can also be used as a fault signaling contact.

Customer benefits:

  • 6 analog inputs for connecting up to 6 leakage sensors

  • Flexible use for different applications for example level monitoring using immersion electrodes

  • Easy configuration of the inputs and outputs via Modbus software

  • Broken wire monitoring of the connected sensors

  • Stand-alone operation also possible without a Modbus connection

MR-LD6 Modbus RTU
MR-LD6 Modbus RTU
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