Manual adjustment of a ventilation flap

A ventilation system in buildings with targeted air flow via fans ensures the required air exchange in the individual rooms or building wings. Ventilation flaps are used for the optimal and controlled distribution of air. The flaps are controlled by actuators. An analog signal (0-10 V or 0-20 mA) controls the flap position to regulate the fresh air supply.

Manual adjustment of a ventilation flap


If the building automation system fails, emergency operation of the ventilation flaps is to be maintained via a local manual operating level.


The analog value transmitter KMA-F8 switches over to the "manual" operating mode via the integrated manual control level. The manipulated variable for the ventilation flap is set manually using the potentiometer installed on the front. The feedback contact reports the operating status to the control.

Customer benefits:

  • minimal space requirement in the control cabinet with a width of only 11.2 mm

  • 45 mm cap size for installation in an electrical distribution board

  • simple, tool-free wiring thanks to innovative spring-loaded terminal technology (push-in technology)

  • variant for actuators with back tension >>KMA-R-F8

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