Fire damper control

Fire protection technology is one of the most important regulations in building automation. It not only serves to protect people and the building itself, but also includes all technical measures to keep escape routes and areas for people in the event of a fire low-smoke or smoke-free. Various actuators such as fire dampers and sensors are used for this.

Fire damper control


The actuator of a fire damper is to be controlled via a decentralized I/O fieldbus module and the end position is to be recorded at the same time.


Combined mixing module BMT-DIO4/2-IP65 BACnet MS/TP in IP65 housing with 4 digital inputs for recording the limit switches and two relay outputs (10 A/250 V AC) for controlling the actuator with manual manual control level and plug-in spring-loaded terminals.

Customer benefits:
  • optimal I/O combination, designed for controlling fire dampers

  • 5 different operating modes especially for fire damper applications e.g. with runtime monitoring

  • IP65 housing for decentralized surface mounting directly at the actuator or in the false ceiling

  • low cabling effort due to looping through the bus line and power supply

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