Connection of Modbus RTU energy meters in an IP network

Friday, July 3, 2020

Energy meters are used to record and allocate energy consumption, especially in commercially used properties. With their integrated communication interfaces, such as Modbus RTU, you not only facilitate the reading process, but also serve to record consumption data.

Connection of Modbus RTU energy meters in an IP network


An energy meter with a Modbus RTU interface is to be integrated into a higher-level BMS software in a Modbus TCP network for consumption data acquisition.


The optimal solution is to use the Modbus gateway MR-GW. The MR-GW acts as a pure protocol converter and thus enables the Modbus RTU energy meter to be easily integrated with the Modbus TCP master (BMS software).

Your advantages:
  • Bidirectional data exchange between Modbus RTU slave devices and a Modbus TCP master (client)

  • Simple and intuitive configuration via an integrated web server

  • Galvanic 3-way isolation between RS485 / Ethernet / supply

  • Status monitoring of Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU communication

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