OpDAT FAST™ Hybrid

Monday, October 5, 2020

The OpDAT FAST™ Hybrid connector is a field installable FO connector that offers constant and good optical transmission values thanks to its new hybrid technology. The FO connector can be assembled easily and quickly in the field – without gluing, without polishing and without special tools.

OpDAT FAST™ Hybrid

A maintenance-free disconnector (cleaver) is supplied with 100 or 20 connector kits. It guarantees clean, sloping cut surfaces and can be used up to 200 times. Furthermore, all the accessories required for assembly are included in the scope of delivery. This eliminates further investments in special equipment and special tools.


  • for FTTH and FITH connections

  • Repairs in the field

  • in areas that are difficult to access, or with limited space

  • for a direct mounting on active components

The factory polished ceramic ferrule guarantees good and stable connection parameters. The fiber to be terminated is connected via a mechanical splice located inside the connector. Thanks to the new hybrid technology, this connection is particularly reliable and low-loss.

During assembly, the end of the fiber to be connected is im-mersed into the refractive index gel and into the Opto Elast, which is applied directly to the pre-installed fiber. The Opto-Elast stabilizes the light transfer between the two fibers in the embedded refractive index gel.. In addition to the above described hybrid technology, the fiber pre-installed inside the connector is already cut with an angle. The fiber to be connected is also cut at an angle using the new cleaver. When connecting both fibers within the mechanical splice the return loss values are therefore achieved of more than 60 dB (APC connector).

The result of these two described advantages is a long-term stable and powerful optical connection.

OpDAT FAST™ Hybrid connector kit SC APC OS2
OpDAT FAST™ Hybrid Connector Kit LC APC OS2
OpDAT FAST™ Hybrid
Available with connector types LC and SC for singlemode (UPC and APC polishing) for FO cables with Ø 2.0 and Ø 3.0 mm.
Fiber Optic Tool Bag
A Fiber Optic Tool Bag is available as an option, the contents of which are generally suitable for all further work with optical fibers.

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