EWIO2 – METZ CONNECT data logger and Ethernet I/O controller of the "second generation"

The increasingly scarce resources of raw materials and the high energy costs require companies, municipalities and private households to use energy more and more consciously. Conscious primarily means “energy efficient”; In other words, to achieve maximum efficiency with the energy used (e.g. electricity, water, gas, ...) (e.g. brightness, heat, ...).

EWIO2 – METZ CONNECT data logger and Ethernet I/O controller of the

Companies are expected to take care of increasing their energy efficiency in the long term and to evaluate them regularly. With a systematic energy management e.g. in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001, you will have a tool at hand to achieve and secure your expectations, goals and competitive advantages:

  • Competitive advantages through lower energy costs and optimized energy efficiency

  • Profitability through increased productivity and lower energy consumption

  • Detailed and granular list of energy consumption in the company

The DIN EN ISO 50001 includes a. the four phases of the PDCA circle (Plan-Do-Check-Act). One component of this is the analysis of consumption data, and this is exactly where our powerful Linux-based, newly developed data logger EWIO2-M comes in - with the automatic recording of energy consumption data.

EWIO2 – METZ CONNECT data logger and Ethernet I/O controller of the

For this purpose, the EWIO2-M provides standard interfaces for recording different energy meters (electricity, water, gas ...), such as the M-BUS, Modbus RTU and S0 pulse. The EWIO2 and the meters, as well as the handling of the "logged" energy data in the database, can be set up intuitively and platform-independent with a web browser via the completely redesigned integrated web server. The EWIO2 provides sufficient resources and reserves for the acquisition, storage and processing of the collected data (Dual Core ARM7 with 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 4 GB Flash + 4 GB µSD, RTC, 2 port switch with daisy chain functionality). The measurement data held in the database for evaluation and analysis can be obtained or sent via API or SQL statements, via email and / or FTP encrypted as a CSV file, or via BACnet TrendLog query or Mobus TCP.

In addition, the EWIO2-M with its numerous number of I/Os for connecting sensors (e.g. temperature sensors) and actuators (e.g. lamp load) can also be used as a room or system controller in building / industrial automation to become. For this purpose, applications can be created and executed directly on the EWIO2 using a shell script or the Python programming language. So you get a device for two applications, whether for energy data acquisition or automation, which is growing together more and more today, because optimizing energy efficiency no longer excludes one from the other.

Einfache schnelle Verkabelung

Quick and easy cabling with a jumper plug Connection of expansion / Function modules

 Taster und LED's für manuelle Bedienung und Anzeige

Buttons and LEDs for manual operation and display

Multi-I/O mit 24 digitalen und analogen Ein- und Ausgängen

Multi-I/O with 24 digital and analog inputs and outputs

Kompakte Bauform

compact design for installation in an electrical installation distributor with 45 mm cap dimensions minimum space requirement in the control cabinet 125 mm width (7TE)

Installations- und wartungsfreundlich

Installation and maintenance-friendly with hardware management, electronics detachable from connection unit


WLAN interface for configuration and connection to a WLAN network (operating modes: infrastructure and ad-hoc)


M-BUS interface with integrated level converter for 80 M-Bus loads Reading out M-Bus meters (configurable readout interval)

1 x Modbus RTU Schnittstellen für 32 Teilnehmer

1 x Modbus RTU interfaces for 32 participants

Controller mit ARM-Cortex-A7 Dual Core Prozessor 1Ghz, 512 MB RAM und 4 GB Flash

Controller with ARM-Cortex-A7 dual core processor 1Ghz, 512 MB RAM and 4 GB Flash

2-Port Ethernet Switch mit Daisy Chain Funktion

2-port Ethernet switch with daisy chain function

Depending on the area of application, METZ CONNECT offers the EWIO2 in eight different device variants and a large number of peripheral devices, such as: the power supply unit, the converter, the M-BUS distributor and the Modbus RTU I/O expansion modules. As a planner, system integrator or installer, you will always find the right solution for your application.

Product overview

EWIO2 – METZ CONNECT data logger and Ethernet I/O controller of the

Ethernet-IO / BACnet / Modbus


EWIO2-W-BM Ethernet-IO / WLAN / BACnet / Modbus

Ethernet-IO / WLAN / BACnet / Modbus






M-Bus / WLAN


EWIO2-MW-BM M-Bus / WLAN / BACnet / Modbus

M-Bus / WLAN / BACnet / Modbus


EWIO2-M-BM M-Bus / BACnet / Modbus

M-Bus / BACnet / Modbus


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