DCCS – Data Center Compact Solution – The future-oriented fiber optic solution for your data center

Monday, February 22, 2021

The new configurators for the DCCS system enable you to plan your data center quickly and easily. With the help of the new product information, all necessary components can easily be put together depending on the desired transmission rates.

DCCS – Data Center Compact Solution – The future-oriented fiber optic solution for your data center

Data centers are the heart of any network, no matter what it is intended for. The demands on performance and capacity are increasing rapidly. A network connects very different areas and the type of data processed ranges from simple text documents to complex construction drawings, from production control to building management.

The huge amounts of data that have to be processed and archived mean that today's networks quickly reach their limits and make expansions inevitable. Then compact, inexpensive, fast and, above all, user-friendly solutions are required in order to use the available space optimally and to keep downtimes as short as possible.

The DCCS (Data Center Compact Solution) product line was specially developed for data centers and their needs and has been extensively adapted to customer requirements in this area. The DCCS system is based on a 19-inch subrack with 1 height unit, in which pre-assembled copper and fiber optic links (assemblies connected with cables) can be easily installed modularly. Various supplementary assemblies are also available. Up to 48 copper or 48 fiber optic duplex or fiber optic MPO / MTP connections as well as combinations of both transmission technologies can be accommodated on just one height unit.

Performance characteristics

  • Transmission technology GBit Ethernet from 10 to 100 GBit/s.
  • All DCCS products for or with multimode fiber types OM3, OM4, OM5 and with single mode fiber OS2 are available. All fiber types are insensitive to bending.
  • Connector types LC duplex, E2000 duplex and MPO / MTP (12 fibers). Duplex connector also available in GRADE B quality class.
  • DCCS products with plug assemblies have a serial number and are 100 % tested for insertion and return loss. Measurement protocols enclosed.

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