Cable connector Class EA 180°, 270° and 360°

Thursday, October 15, 2020

During maintenance, expansion and installation of new cabling, it's possible for a cable to be too short. What to do? Replacement of the entire cable will cause additional work and increase cost. Also, certain local conditions may not allow this.

Cable Connector Class EA

The Cable Connector Class EA is the intelligent solution for a simple extension or connecting of data cable without the need for special tools. Thanks to its compact design and the angled variants, it can be used in a wide variety of applications, even in confined spaces. With a Class EA compliance, links with up to 10 GBit/s can be achieved without any problems. The cable connector is therefore a problem solution for almost any network infrastructure, and should be included in every toolbox as basic equipment!


Lots of possibilities with the 180 °, 270 ° and 360 ° variants

The Cable Connector Class EA is available in three variants. The variants differ in the cable direction.

Cable Connector Class EA, variants

The angled variants 180°, 270° and 360° can be used to connect cables in a wide variety of situations.

Class EA 180°
Class EA 270°
Class EA 360°

Cable Connector Class EA, Variants


Cable connector Class EA Benefits

Application Examples

Infrastructure relocation: e.g. workstation
Application Cable Connector: infrastructure relocation
Cable extension: e.g. cable too short
Application Cable Connector: cable too short
Repair: e.g. defective cable
Application Cable Connector: defective cable

Installation options

Known assembly principle

Technically, the Cable Connector Class EA is based on the installation principle of the METZ CONNECT C6Amodul. This results in not only a system of the products, but also a consistent and easy installation.

Mounting video: cable connector class EA 180°

Mounting video: cable connector class EA 270° and 360°

Relocation of existing infrastrucrure with C6Amodul

If the C6Amodul was used in an existing infrastructure, a relocation can be performed more easily and quickly since the loading piece of the C6Amodul can be used in the Cable Connector Class EA. Through this, only one side has to be connected again.

Assembly and Disassembly


Click & fix 19" carrier for cable connector

19" cable connector bracket for use as a consolidation point, for moving distributors or complete distribution cabinets.

Click & Fix Accessory

Part Number: 130863T101E

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