Current news about METZ CONNECT

OpDAT WV – wall-mounted distributor for apartment buildings
Feb 24, 2023

Universally applicable distribution boxes for floor wiring or as a house distribution point in the equipment room. Now also as distribution cabinet for apartment buildings with up to 30 residential units.

MB-DIOx/y-IP65 – Acquisition and control of actuators in ventilation systems
Nov 30, 2022

The MB-DIOx/y-IP65 module series in an IP65 housing with 2 or 4 digital inputs and 1 or 2 relay outputs (see variants) is suitable for accommodating decentralized signal contacts and controlling decentralized switching tasks. As signal contacts, e.g. window contacts or the positions of ventilation flaps, etc. can be detected and controlled for switching tasks, e.g. motorized actuators or light bands, etc.

RJ45 patch cords now with custom wrap label printing and eco-friendly 10-count packaging
Nov 16, 2022

Premium Cat.6A patch cords from METZ CONNECT are ideal for integrating or connecting network components and securely transmitting voice, data, audio/video and/or PoE signals in bandwidth-intensive networks up to 10 GBit.

From now on, the RJ45 Cat.6A patch cords are available with individually printable wrap labels.
Mark your patch cable individually with the optional single or double-sided wrap labels. Up to 3 lines with 15 characters each are available for this purpose.

In addition, our RJ45 Cat.6A patch cords are now available in the environmentally friendly 10-pack in a polybag. This way we reduce plastic waste to a minimum.

OpDAT MTP® Cable assemblies
Jan 13, 2022

METZ CONNECT has already been offering patch cords with MPO/MTP® connectors for several years.

MPO/MTP® connectors are mainly used in data centers at transmission rates of e.g. 40 or 400 GBit/s. They are used to connect distribution technology, e.g. 19" panels, and active components such as servers or switches.

BACnet IP Router – Network Connection of BACnet MS/TP Fieldbus Components
Oct 19, 2021

With the METZ CONNECT BACnet router BMT-RTR, BACnet MS/TP devices are connected to a BACnet/IP network. The BMT-RTR is a compact multi-network router that allows routing between BACnet/IP, BACnet Ethernet and BACnet MS /TP networks. 32 BACnet MS/TP devices can be run on the router, thereby allowing unlimited transfer of BACnet objects between the BACnet /IP and BACnet MS /TP network.

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