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Single Pair Ethernet | Space-saving & cost-effective installation
NEW: PCB socket and patch cable
Apr 8, 2024

For some time now we have been working on new transmission and cabling technologies for the IoT and IIoT of today and tomorrow.
With the growth of the transmission media fiber optics, 5G and WLAN, the legitimate question arises as to how things will continue with twisted pair network cabling.

Now new: M12 field-assembly plugs and jacks D-coded with optimized sealing area
Jan 22, 2024

We have expanded our range to include M12 D-coded plugs and jacks that can be assembled in the field.

These are now available with an optimized sealing area for connecting standard cable jacket outer diameters of 4 – 6 mm and 6 – 9.7 mm.

The new P|Cabling catalog from METZ CONNECT
Jan 2, 2024

Data network technology in copper and fiber optic | Download now!

Compact controller and data logger | NEW: "Node-RED"
Nov 6, 2023

Simple control and energy monitoring in buildings, machines, and systems

The EWIO2 device families are high-performance data loggers and mini controllers (see variants) with numerous interfaces for applications in energy monitoring and energy management systems in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001, as well as for automation tasks in buildings, machines, and systems. Small control tasks can be created intuitively and easily with
the graphic programming interface “Node-RED”, integrated in the web server via drag & drop.

Ethernet terminal blocks
Sep 26, 2023

Circuit board terminal blocks as an Ethernet interface – alternative connection options for IoT and IIoT devices.

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