Current news about METZ CONNECT

BMT-AOP2 – Analog BACnet MS/TP output module for building automation
May 22, 2023

The BMT-(F)-AOP2 BACnet MS/TP module with 2 analog voltage outputs has been developed for local switching tasks in automation for BACnet environments. It is suitable as a variable encoder for, e.g. electric ventilation and mixing flaps, valve actuation, frequency inverters or electronic ballasts (EB) for lighting systems.

MCO IP69k – Protective housing for outdoor applications
Mar 31, 2023

The demand for outdoor cabling solutions is growing inexorably. This is due to modern network and IP interface technologies, which are essential for digitalization. They enable the networking and deployment of surveillance cameras, sensors and digital traffic signs, as well as wireless access points.

OpDAT MV – Multifunctional distributor – Designed for your application
Mar 22, 2023

The OpDAT MV is a highly flexible distributor housing for fiber optic and copper applications, which can be equipped with its modular components to suit your individual needs. The IP54 variant of the lightweight plastic housing has 2 separately lockable doors which allow to separate the installer area from the customer area without affecting the flexibility of the further distribution. The IP65 variant has a screw-on cover that provides a high level of protection against dust and water, allowing it to be used in harsher environments.

OpDAT WV – wall-mounted distributor for apartment buildings
Feb 24, 2023

Universally applicable distribution boxes for floor wiring or as a house distribution point in the equipment room. Now also as distribution cabinet for apartment buildings with up to 30 residential units.

MB-DIOx/y-IP65 – Acquisition and control of actuators in ventilation systems
Nov 30, 2022

The MB-DIOx/y-IP65 module series in an IP65 housing with 2 or 4 digital inputs and 1 or 2 relay outputs (see variants) is suitable for accommodating decentralized signal contacts and controlling decentralized switching tasks. As signal contacts, e.g. window contacts or the positions of ventilation flaps, etc. can be detected and controlled for switching tasks, e.g. motorized actuators or light bands, etc.

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