Current news about METZ CONNECT

Single Pair Ethernet and the SPE Industrial Partner Network
Feb 26, 2021

For some time now we have been working on new transmission and cabling technologies for the IoT and IIoT of today and tomorrow.

With the growth of the transmission media fiber optics, 5G and WLAN, the legitimate question arises as to how things will continue with twisted pair network cabling.

DCCS – Data Center Compact Solution – The future-oriented fiber optic solution for your data center
Feb 22, 2021

The new configurators for the DCCS system enable you to plan your data center quickly and easily. With the help of the new product information, all necessary components can easily be put together depending on the desired transmission rates.

RJ45 patch cord – now fire-protected and for use in particularly harsh environments
Feb 16, 2021

The decision on which copper patch cord is the ideal solution for connecting end devices depends on several factors: The application area, durability, and transmission speed are just some of the crucial factors.

Network connection of Modbus RTU fieldbus components made easy
Nov 19, 2020

In industrial and building automation projects, the connection of different fieldbus devices in a network infrastructure is already known. The challenge is to connect different manufacturers with different protocol standards in a comprehensive IP network. Sensors and actuators on the fieldbus level, which communicate via Modbus RTU, must be integrated into a Modbus TCP network.

Versatile, modern, powerful – the new fiber optic connection box OpDAT ADT
Oct 22, 2020

With the new OpDAT ADT junction box, METZ CONNECT has succeeded in adapting and further developing a proven product to meet growing market requirements.

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