Corporate Responsibility

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Corporate Responsibility

Living responsibility has long been a commitment at METZ CONNECT. For us, corporate responsibility means taking the consequences into account with every decision we take. METZ CONNECT acts in a sustainable manner to be a good employer in the long term, to remain competitive, to inspire its customers and to protect the environment to ensure a future worth living for coming generations.

METZ CONNECT and its subsidiaries are committed to their social responsibility as part of their company activities worldwide. Based on the draft by the ZVEI – Confederation of Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry – a Code of Conduct on social responsibility has been developed. This includes a binding guideline on what this means, in particular with regard to working conditions, social and environmental compatibility as well as transparency, trustworthy cooperation and dialogue. You can download the entire text here:

1. Product and market responsibility

The power of innovation makes us technological leaders: Understanding the customers' applications as well as our own products and realizing creative solutions with a maximum of individualization – this combination forms one of the most important secrets to the company’s success. We ensure effective communication and efficient processes. This high quality of service helps METZ CONNECT to gain a competitive edge and thus establish new markets and safeguard established relationships – an advantage that is based predominantly on three outstanding characteristics:

METZ CONNECT product ranges are marketed in many countries of Europe, America and Asia – everywhere where equipment and machine manufacturers as well as operators of buildings and systems require our expertise and service. In addition, METZ CONNECT sees itself as a partner of the specialist trade.

2. Responsibility for quality

An extensive quality policy is an essential pre-condition for good, long-term and trustworthy cooperation. This is why quality and quality management are a top priority for us - both for our products as well as our processes. We possess long-term engineering knowledge in our development department to design products that are high quality and long-lasting. Our laboratories continuously monitor adherence to the requirements our products need to meet for approvals and their operation. Naturally we provide our customers with the corresponding test reports and declarations of conformity on demand.

Based on state-of-the-art test and inspection equipment, these laboratories also develop the know-how for production monitoring for the design of our own test and inspection devices. This allows our quality management to match the test and inspection devices precisely to our manufacturing processes and achieve optimal monitoring. This ensures that our products satisfy the high demands of our customers in every respect.

Numerous tests by independent institutes throughout the world are evidence for the quality of METZ CONNECT. In particular, the certificates by the GHMT, which tests our cabling components linked to the cables of various manufacturers, confirm the compatibility of our systems. Of course we are DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified and thus document the high relaibility of our entire processes. During development, production and packaging of our products we naturally take the use of environment-friendly materials into account, which can be recycled without problems later on.

3. Responsibility for the environment

Sustainable management of natural resources: reduction in weighted energy consumption approximately 30 % over the past five years. Employment of energy recovery systems, energy monitoring.

Section fifteen of the Dodd-Frank Act stipulates documentation and publication obligations for companies using certain "conflict materials" (gold, wolframite, cassiterite and coltane are defined as such) to ensure that no raw materials are used which help finance the armed conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo or a neighboring country. Our products have already conformed 100 % to RoHS since 01.10.2005.

4. Responsibility for employees

METZ CONNECT – the name METZ embodies a family business and employer standing for consistency, confidence and fairness. CONNECT represents the company's core competence which consists in creating perfect connections. This core competence is not only reflected in our products but also in the teamwork in our daily business.

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