Protective housings for outdoor use.

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OpDAT MV – Multifunctional distributor

Designed for your application.

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Wall-mounted distributor for apartment buildings.

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I/O-Mixing Module

Acquisition and control of actuators in ventilation systems.

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Building Cabling

Cabling solutions for networks.

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Intelligent components for systems and switch cabinets.

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BACnet IP Router

Network Connection of BACnet MS/TP Fieldbus Components.

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Connection technology M12

Product family M12.

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Terminal blocks & headers

Various centerlines and pole sizes.

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P | Cabling

Cabling solutions for networks

Highly specialised, internationally standardised and high-performance network solutions in copper and fiber optic technology are impressive due to their comfortable installation, maximum quality and highest system capability across all relevant performance classes.

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Connection technology

Innovative products, solutions and systems for the connection technology of printed circuit boards and devices for industrial control and building automation.

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Intelligent system components

Intelligent system components for highly communicative and decentralised control in the areas of building and process control, relay technology and telecommunications.

Industrial electronics, data and communication technology

The power of innovation makes us technological leaders: Understanding the customers' applications as well as our own products and realizing creative solutions with a maximum of individualization – this combination forms one of the most important secrets to the company’s success. We ensure effective communication and efficient processes. This high quality of service helps METZ CONNECT to gain a competitive edge and thus establish new markets and safeguard established relationships.
METZ CONNECT product ranges are marketed in many countries of Europe, America and Asia – everywhere where equipment and machine manufacturers as well as operators of buildings and systems require our expertise and service. In addition, METZ CONNECT sees itself as a partner of the specialist trade.

MCO IP69k - Protective housings for outdoor use
Mar 28, 2023

The demand for outdoor cabling solutions is increasing inexorably. This is due to the modern network and IP interface technologies, which are essential for digitization. They enable the networking and provision of surveillance cameras, sensors and digital traffic signs as well as wireless access points.

Our MCO IP69k protective housings offer you reliable protection for your permanent outdoor connections. Not only are they fully dustproof and waterproof, they are also resistant to ozone, UV rays and salt water. They also withstand high temperatures, strong vibrations and high-pressure jet cleaning and thus offer reliable protection against external interference. The flexible and easy-to-install solutions were specially designed to accommodate and protect field-assembled cables, pre-assembled patch cords and fiber optic connections.

OpDAT MV – Multifunctional distributor – Designed for your application
Mar 22, 2023

The OpDAT MV is a highly flexible distributor housing for fiber optic and copper applications, which can be equipped with its modular components to suit your individual needs. The IP54 variant of the lightweight plastic housing has 2 separately lockable doors which allow to separate the installer area from the customer area without affecting the flexibility of the further distribution. The IP65 variant has a screw-on cover that provides a high level of protection against dust and water, allowing it to be used in harsher environments.

OpDAT WV – wall-mounted distributor for apartment buildings
Feb 24, 2023

Universally applicable distribution boxes for floor wiring or as a house distribution point in the equipment room. Now also as distribution cabinet for apartment buildings with up to 30 residential units.

Our understanding of quality – remarkable in every respect!

A comprehensive quality police is a vital requirement for a good, trustworthy and long-lasting co-operation. Therefore quality and quality management are our top priorities – for our products as well as our processes. 

We possess extensive engineering knowledge in our development division to design a high quality and durable product. Our laboratories are regularly verifying compliance with specifications that our products have to meet for approvals and operation. Of course, the respective test reports and declarations of conformity are available for our customers. 

The know-how of our own tool shop for test instruments and methods for production control is generated based on the latest test and checking equipment. Thus our quality management is able to fine-tune the test instruments precisely to our production processes and achieve optimal monitoring. This ensures that our products will meet the high requirements of our customer in every respect. And that is why METZ CONNECT issues a product guarantee of up to 25 years.

Numerous tests by independent institutes all over the world are a proof for quality made by METZ CONNECT. Especially certificates by GHMT approving the link of our cabling products with cables of various manufacturers show the compatibility of our systems. 

It goes without saying that we are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and thus document the high reliability of all our processes. Development, production and packaging take special care is taken to use environmentally friendly materials that afterwards can be recycled without problems. Our products comply with RoHS since October 1st, 2005 already.

METZ CONNECT product ranges are marketed in many countries of Europe, America and Asia – everywhere where equipment and machine manufacturers as well as operators of buildings and systems require our expertise and service. In addition, METZ CONNECT sees itself as a partner of the specialist trade.

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