MR-Multi I/O

For Automation in Buildings, Facilities and Systems

I/O components with Modbus RTU

To be able to safely and cost-effectively operate infrastructures in small and large buildings, it is essential that the most vital operational functions run automatically – plant monitoring, air conditioning, ventilation and lighting, for example. In turn, this increases the demands placed on the building installation functions. These generally call for a great deal of effort and expense when only implemented with conventional technology. That’s why the field of building automation is increasingly turning to serial bus systems to transfer information between sensors and actuators, switches and higher-level control systems.

Bus systems such as Modbus RTU offer various benefits:

  • simplified planning and installation of building functions
  • high degree of flexibility in building use, as functions can be configured freely and can be adjusted and readjusted at any time, according to new requirements.

Modbus RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) is an open communication protocol and uses the master-slave procedure based on the RS485 interface.

MR-Multi I/O
MR-Multi I/O Modbus RTU

Product information

The Modbus module MR-Multi I/O is a compact and quickly installable solution for connecting digital and analogue signals from the actuator and sensor level directly to a control unit in the building automation via the Modbus RTU protocol. For various tasks, 29 I/Os are available, some of which can be configured. With a Modbus master, the inputs and outputs can be switched and queried via standard registers. The module address, bit rate and parity are set via two rotary switches on the front or by using software. It is suitable for decentralized mounting on DIN rail TH35 as per IEC 60715 in electrical distributors.

Application example

Application example MR-Multi I/O

Product overview

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