I/O components

Automation in buildings, systems and machinery

I/O components – Automation in buildings, systems and machinery

So that infrastructure systems can be operated in large and small buildings, it is essential that the most important technical operating functions, such as system monitoring, air-conditioning, ventilation and lighting, run automatically. This also increases the requirement for building installation functions, which with normal technology, can typically be a great cost. Building automation, therefore, relies more and more on serial bus systems, which perform the information transmission between sensors and actuators, switches, and higher-level control systems.

Bus systems offer various benefits for this:

  • Easier planning and installation of building functions

  • High flexibility for building use, as the functions are freely configurable, meaning they can be adjusted and reset at any time and as required

METZ CONNECT already has ready-made software applications for these functions, which saves the system integrator time and money.

I/O components for building automation


Fire protection/fire detection technology

The fire protection and fire alarm or smoke extraction technology is one of the most important sets of controls in building automation. One component of these controls is, for example, fire dampers. Digital inputs, for example, are needed for acquisition of the dampers. At the same time, however, the dampers should be controlled by the actuators via digital outputs. METZ CONNECT offers the combined digital mixing module XX-DIO4/2-IP or this, which has both functionalities.


Automatic switching of the air-conditioning system and window monitoring. In order to carry out switching jobs in this type of automated system, e.g. to switch an air-conditioning system, METZ CONNECT offers the digital relay output module XX-DO4 with 4 changeover contacts. Using the 4 switches on the front of the device, manual intervention is possible for corresponding switch task.


As there is a high switch-on load in most lighting switch circuits, a digital mixer module XX-DIO4/2 has been developed so that these lighting switch circuits are controlled directly with powerful relays. At the same time, the XX-DIO4/2 has digital inputs for direct connection of light switches for manual activation. This guarantees system availability if the controller is not available.

Sun protection

Control shutters and blinds automatically as required. Because of the corresponding safety equipment for controlling the motors for the blinds, the XX-TP three-point module is the right device for controlling these drives.

Energy controlling

Recording consumption by electricity, gas, heat and water, for example, forms the basis of energy transparency. A so-called meter impulse module XX-SI4 has been specially developed for recording these consumption data. The module has 4 channels with a standard S0 pulse interface, which it is possible to connect 4 meters for various media to.

Break-in and access control

Display of open windows and doors. Warning in the event of malfunction, break-in or emergency call. Digital inputs are needed in these automated controls so that information about the status of windows or doors, for example, can be received. METZ CONNECT offers the 10 digital input module XX-DI10 for this so that the status of doors and windows can be recorded by potential-free window and door contacts.


Energy-efficient temperature controls and ideal heat distribution. Various I/Os are necessary for these controls. In order to record temperatures, among other things, analog inputs are needed for connecting the temperature sensors available on the market. METZ CONNECT has developed the universally programmable analog input module XX-AI8 for this with 8 available inputs. Different temperature sensors can be connected to these 8 inputs simultaneously.

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