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Warranty Registration Procedure

  1. Testing

    All installed cabling shall be tested using an approved test instrument. The test settings shall match the performance specification for the installed cabling (e.g. Category 6A installed cabling shall be tested to Class EA/Category 6A.

    The cabling may be tested in Permanent Link or Channel configuration. Where a channel is chosen, the patch cords used shall be Metz Connect cords. Where a Permanent Link is selected, applications assurance will be warrantied once METZ CONNECT patch cords matching the performance of the link are connected.

    All test results shall be saved in the native file format appropriate to the test instrument. Other editable formats such as .pdf, .txt, .csv will not be accepted. Only results showing a PASS result will be accepted for warranty. Results showing *PASS, *FAIL or FAIL will not be accepted.

    As part of the warranty application process, all test results shall be uploaded to the METZ CONNECTZ ftp site.

  2. On-line Warranty Application

    All warranty registration applications shall be made by filling in and submitting the METZ CONNECT on-line form found here. Applications must be submitted within one calendar month of the project completion date.
    An application may only be submitted by an authorised employee of a METZ CONNECT Registered Installer Company. By submitting the form, the applicant confirms that all information is correct and that the installation has been completed to the customer’s specification and satisfaction. The applicant also attests that the installation conforms to all Metz Connect requirements and installation instructions.
    On receipt of an application, METZ CONNECT will send an email acknowledgement to the applicant’s address as indicated on the form. In the event of any query or if further information is needed, a representative of the METZ CONNECT warranty team will contact the applicant either by telephone or email.
    Once satisfied that all the supplied information is correct and that the test results are acceptable, the METZ CONNECT warranty team will endeavour to complete the registration process in the shortest time possible. This will typically be within thirty calendar days of receipt of application although this time period is not guaranteed.
    Once the registration has been completed, METZ CONNECT will send two copies of the Warranty Certificate to the applicant at the Registered Installer address. One of these certificates shall be given over to the end-user customer and the other held by the installer company for its records.

  3. Warranty Claim Procedure

    If during the lifetime of a warranty any component fault emerges or if a supported application fails due to deterioration in the METZ CONNECT Cabling System performance, a claim on the warranty may be made by completing the METZ CONNECT on-line Warranty Claim form. It is recognised that, over time, some of the information may no longer be readily available. Nevertheless, please enter as much as possible as this will help speed the claim process. The claim may be submitted by either the original Registered Installer Company or a representative of the end-user customer.

    On receipt of a claim form, a member of the METZ CONNECT warranty team will contact the claimant and initiate an investigation into the problem.