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Warranty Program

METZ CONNECT has developed a Registered Installer program to provide end-users with a source of reliable installation companies qualified to install the METZ CONNECT Cabling System and to apply for the METZ CONNECT 25 year Warranty.

To qualify as a METZ CONNECT Registered Installer, a company must be able to demonstrate a history of high-quality installation work and employ at least two members of staff who have undertaken the METZ CONNECT Registered Installer Training Program and whose certification is current.

In choosing to engage a METZ CONNECT Registered Installer company for its METZ CONNECT Cabling System installation, an end-user benefits from the following.

  • Qualification for the METZ CONNECT 25 year product and performance warranty. This warranty can only be offered by current METZ CONNECT Registered Installer companies.
  • Compliance with European and national cabling standards.
  • A network of manufacturer-trained installers capable of supporting multi-site installations.
  • The support of the METZ CONNECT technical support team which reserves the right to audit any certified installation for compliance with METZ CONNECT installation requirements prior to or after issuing a warranty.
  • 100 % Conformance Testing.


Warranty Registration Procedure

Register for Installer Training Program

Warranty Application / Warranty Claim