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configuration key OpDAT patch cords

  • Patch cord with all variants of connector types LC, SC, ST and E2000
  • Fiber types: OM2, OM3, OM4, OM5 and OS2. All fibers are bend-insensitive
  • Cable types:
  • Duplex patch cord ("figure 8") with two tight buffered fibers and aramid as strain relief
  • Duplex connection cable ("figure 0") with two tight buffered fibers in an additional outer sheath and aramid as strain relief
  • Simplex patch cord (only for SM) with one tight buffered fiber and aramid as strain relief
  • Duplex patch cords are logically crossed (AB, BA) as a standard, logically uncrossed patch cords are available on demand
  • LC and SC connectors of duplex patch cords are always connected with duplex clips, E2000 and ST are supplied without clips
  • Available in lengths between 0.5 and 20.00 m. We recommend to use duplex connection cables for lengths of 20 m or longer because of their higher mechanical strength
  • Halogen-free cable jacket with low smoke development LSHF-FR (Low smoke, halogen free, flame retardant)


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