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OpDAT LC-D adapter OM3 (aqua)

  • LC duplex plastic adapter, SC simplex design with metal clip
  • slotted ceramic guide sleeves for single mode and multimode applications
  • with transparent dust protection caps for a better visibility during red light test
  • high material stability, surface quality and durability
  • durability min. 1000 mating cycles with a ceramic guide sleeve
  • screws and nuts included
  • variants: blue (OS2), green (OS2 APC), lime green (OM5), violet (OM4), aqua (OM3), each variant available in packing units of 1 piece or 50 pieces

Technical Data 

  • P/N15090077-I
    Feature 1LC-D (MM)
    Feature 21 piece


pdf Data sheet 15090077-I 199.3 KB
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