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OpDAT fix patch panel unequipped
for 24xLC-D/SC-S/E2000, gray

  • 19 inch 1RU fiber optic patch panel for fixed installation
  • unequipped
  • light aluminum construction with steel sheet front plate painted (gray or black)
  • removable front plate for easy adapter mounting
  • screwed on cover for easy access during service work
  • several possibilities for cable entry on the back (fastening with PG13.5, PG16 and PG21 or M20 and M25)
variants: matching cutouts
24x LC-D LC-D, SC-S, E2000-S
24x SC-D SC-D, LC-Q, ST-D
24x E2000-D E2000-D

Technical Data 

  • P/N1502507300-E
    Feature 1for 24xLC-D/SC/E2000
    Feature 2unequipped


pdf Data sheet 1502507300-E 241.58 KB
pdf Instruction 1502507300-E 1.01 MB
pdf Product information OpDAT fix / OpDAT slide patch panels 1502507300-E 528.77 KB
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