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OpDAT REGpro front cover 3RU, 7HP 6xSC-D MM (ceramic, metal)

  • front plate 3RU/7HP with 6 SC-D adapters
  • slotted ceramics sleeve for single mode and multimode applications
  • suitable for mounting in OpDAT REGpro and OpDAT REG S
  • gray, powder-coated steel sheet
  • variants: equipped with SC-D-adapters each metal or blue (OS2), violet (OM4), aqua (OM3), beige (OM2) or green (OS2 APC)

Technical Data 

  • P/N15024AC206-E
    Feature 16xSC-D (MM)
    Feature 2MM


pdf Data sheet 15024AC206-E 200.15 KB
pdf Product information OpDAT REGpro 15024AC206-E 286.05 KB
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