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DCCS2 subassembly 6xLC-D OM4 violet

  • DCCS2 fiber optic subassembly mounted with 6 LC-D adapters
  • port numbering of the DCCS2 19" subassembly frame remains in place when installing the FO subassembly
  • the locking levers of patch cords connected to DCCS2 subassemblies show upwards and are easy to handle at any time
  • for prefabricated mini breakout cables in customer specific lengths
  • solid and refined assembly housing
  • mounting version: DCCS2
  • variants: blue (SM), green (SM APC), lime green (OM5), violet (OM4), aqua (OM3)

Technical Data 

  • P/N130D2FB71-E
    Feature 16xLC-D
    Feature 250/125 (OM4)


pdf Data sheet 130D2FB71-E 235.57 KB
pdf Instruction 130D2FB71-E 1.92 MB
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