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DCCS2 subassembly 4 port unequipped

  • DCCS2 4 port subassembly, unequipped for modular termination units in Modul design
  • solid stainless steel support
  • fastening by a knurled screw in 19-inch subracks
  • easy mounting/dismounting to/from 19-inch subracks in 19-inch cabinets (plug and play)
  • design: DCCS2
  • suitable RJ45 modules: 130B11-E, 130910-I, 130910-I-B1, 130909-I, 130909-I-B1, 130908-I and 130908-I-B1
  • suitable RJ45 couplers: 1309A0-I
  • suitable fiber optic modules: 15091001-I, 15091070-I, 15091071-I, 15091072-I, 15091075-I and 15091076-I
  • suitable KOAX modules: 130898-01-I, 130898-02-I and 130898-03-I
  • suitable Blind modules: 130898-00-I and 130898-00-RW-I

Technical Data 

  • P/N130D2CBU4-E
    Colorstainless steel
    Feature 14 port unequipped


pdf Data sheet 130D2CBU4-E 165.73 KB
pdf Instruction 130D2CBU4-E 17.04 MB
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