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ISDN installation tester SiTi pro

  • easiest handling and operation
  • failure detection with or without mounted terminating resistors
  • detects the most important installation faults: reversed wires, interrupted wires, short-circuit
  • detection of wire reversal in wire pair without changing the installation
  • detection of short-circuits even in wire pair
  • compact size
  • connection cable and jack facilitate testing ISDN connection cables and outlets at positions that are difficult to access
  • bi-color indicators for distinct and clear status display
  • energy for SiTi pro operation is supplied by the ISDN connection; no batteries required

Technical Data 

  • P/N130660-E
    Colorlight gray
    Feature 1SiTi pro


pdf Data sheet 130660-E 190.13 KB
pdf Instruction 130660-E 184.58 KB
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