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TAE adapter F-TAE/WE 8/6

  • TAE adapter for plug-in extension of a TAE 1 x 6 F wall outlet to a 1 x TAE U (F or N) + WE (RJ11/RJ45) connection
  • adapters are plugged in a TAE 1 x 6 F wall outlet or AMS and allow connection of a phone and up to two additional devices (e.g. fax, answering machine or tariff time switch)
  • adapter has a WE8 port with plug reductions. Plug reduction for reducing the width of the RJ45 jack (8-pole) to RJ11/12 (6-pole). The jack can be used with or without plug reduction depending on the application.
  • input: TAE plug F
  • output: TAE socket U (F or N) and RJ45 (RJ11)
  • extension: none

Technical Data 

  • P/N130598-I
    Colorpearl white
    Feature 1F-WE8(6)


pdf Data sheet 130598-I 1.08 MB
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