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Blumberg, October 2016

Consolidation points (CPs) are stationary distribution points for the flexible management of floor cabling in buildings or industrial areas. They are often used in open office cabling environments, and serve as a core element of stationary cable systems which are used to establish a connection to the telecommunications terminal outlet.

Blumberg, September 2016

The pluggable and solderable METZ CONNECT spring clamp terminal blocks of the ST and SP series ensure a perfect wire connection for all applications. These spring clamp terminal blocks with eccentric levers are used in devices for industrial and/or building automation such as rail-mounted devices, rail-mounted power supplies or Ethernet I/O bus modules. But they are also used in end devices, for example in the audio and video (amplifiers) sector.

Blumberg, March 2016

Do you analyse the energy flow and energy peaks in your company? Opportunities for optimization can be found even in intelligently managed and successful companies. Small and mid-sized manufacturing companies may make use of the so called peak consumption compensation according to §55 of the (German) energy law and §10 of the (German) electricity tax law to reduce the tax charge of the company for energy and electricity.

Blumberg, February 2016

The device family of the powerful Ethernet Web-I/O EWIO-9180 and Open Smart Metering Gateways EWIO-9180-M from METZ CONNECT is extended by devices with BACnet and Modbus protocols.

Two product families of the EWIO series will now be available for automation and energy data management (consumption tracking and monitoring).

Blumberg, August 2015

The METZ CONNECT portfolio of fibre-optic cable (FO) products is now being further extended with prepackaged fibre-optic installation cables.  

Blumberg, July 2015

Rail-mounted devices in industrial automation:  These days process flows in the manufacturing sector often use controllers which for the most part are devices that mount on to DIN rail. These configurable control systems are designed to carry out multiple safety or monitoring measurements at machine or system level.

Blumberg, June 2015

Single pole spring clamp terminal blocks SM99 and SR99 offer a flexible circuit board connection solution for most industrial and building automation applications.

Blumberg, December 2014

The customized product design of rail-mounted devices requires a high degree of flexibility of connection solutions. With its new SP995 spring clamp terminal block, METZ CONNECT offers yet another solution.

Blumberg, November 2014

METZ CONNECT launches a field plug specifically for high performance and reliable connections in industrial applications with data transmission up to 100 MBit.

Blumberg, October 2014

Over the last few years, METZ CONNECT has been consistently expanding its range of industrial Ethernet products. It now offers a full range of X- and D-coded products that comply with the M12 standard.