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The METZ CONNECT Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM)

The growth of a corporation is reflected in rapidly growing communication landscapes making corporations and organisations more and more dependent from the physical network infrastructure. The increasing growth of the infrastructure often leads to an insufficient transparency of the network and a complex documentation.

METZ CONNECT Patch Management System
Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM)

Missing information about resource utilization such as the number of used and unused ports may cause an insufficiently used network capacity and this may lead to higher investment cost. Also, networks need a high availability and system stability. Often, most of the down times in networks are due to the physical infrastructure and/or the insufficient traceability of patching. Operating costs and administrative expenses play a significant role in administration, monitoring, documentation, planning, troubleshooting and fault repair of a network infrastructure. A solution to increase efficiency in the administration of your network infrastructure is therefore an intelligent infrastructure or patch management system. >>> Download "Benefits and key features of Patch Management System"

The Patch Management Solution by METZ CONNECT

Information about the complete Patch Management System and thus about the connections in the racks are automatically sent by the hardware to a higher-level management software. The PM hardware as well as the complete network infrastructure are visually displayed, documented and managed by this PM software. With this software it is possible to document, monitor and error check all connections, to plan modifications of the connections and to release them at a specific date by “work orders”.

The PM Controller serves as central communication interface. It has an integrated data base, a web based configuration tool and serves as gateway between sensor bar and management software. Up to 80 sensor bars can be connected via one PM controller and in addition, it is possible to integrate several applications via different I/O interfaces.


The PM Panel RJ45 24 port and 48 port is first of all a module frame for the modular RJ45 connection units. The already integrated or retrofitted sensor bar at the PM panel allows to check the ports for connections with the PM patch cords and to collect their information. So, the PM Panel is able to monitor the status of the ports, to recognize changes, to actively signal this via integrated LEDs and to transfer this information to the PM Controller. Patch panels without sensor bar may be retrofitted.



The fiber optic PM Panel 24 Port LC-D is also available with and without sensor bar. It features the same Patch Management functions as the copper solutions. 


The PM Patch Cord C6A with integrated RFID tags allows for permanent contactless monitoring of all ports in an „intelligent“ patch panel with RJ45 connectors. A RFID tag is mounted at the connectors in a frame for a clear identification and at the factory the most important information is saved on it. Active collection and transmission of the information is done via the sensor bar at the panels.

The PM Patch Cords LC-D is based on the same technology as the PM Patch Cord RJ45 and offers the same functions for the permanent, contactless monitoring of all ports.